Huis Van Lies | Huis van Lies Artist and illustraotr
Lies is an artist and illustrator from The Netherlands. She makes humorous collages and unique handmade illustrations.
Artis, Illustrator, collages, humor, colorful, handmade, unique illustrations, beautiful drawings
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Kale is the new cool

From a land down under

World at melt

Face pattern phone case


For the love of vegan

pencil drawings

Berry Manly

Queen Bee

A whale tale

When I thought I was a alien

Stay balanced

Series for EEF Koffie about caffeine

Out of Africa

Juice illustrations

Still life

Vegetables are sexy

It’s not easy being green

Holiday Ride

Renee Magritte cocktail


Bandidas logo design

Leave no man behind

My inspiration

From a different planet

The Peculiar Couple

Moody flower

Stil life #2

Natural beauty

Great finds

Friday mood

In for a holiday