Huis Van Lies | Lies de Rooij Artist and designer
Lies is an artist and designer from The Netherlands. Lies de Rooij (b.1991) is a The Hague based mixed media artist and illustrator. Lies received her BFA in Fine arts from The Royal academy of Arts, The Hague as well as a propedeuse in Visual Design from St. Lucas, Gent. Her photography-based practice submerges from her amazement for the world, it’s systems, perspectives and interpretations. She captures these findings in what she calls dreamscapes. Projects can entail fine arts prints, installations, booklets and posters – with humor often as the protagonist.
Artis, Illustrator, collages, humor, colorful, handmade, unique illustrations, art direction, The Hague, Den Haag, Lies, Huis van lis
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