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Lies is a The Hague based mixed media artist and illustratorShe received her BFA in Fine arts from the Royal academy of Arts in The Hague. Lies likes to use various techniques like collage, painting, photography and drawing. Depending on the commission, its subject and the client she chooses her materials. 


With an unhabituated view on the world she hopes to enchant her audience in their daily life. It’s her way of coping with an over stimulated life and reconsider all the things we collect and value.

‘I’m looking for everyday objects and images which I magnify, minimize, cut and paste, thus showing people nothing is never as it seems.’ Lies

The subjects submerge from her amazement for the world, it’s systems, perspectives and interpretations. She captures these findings in a dreamscape.


Her present body of work includes illustrations for digital and publishing projects, Fine art prints and other personal works.

Lies is represented by YEDS

Her clients include:
RTHA, Lorang&CO, De cultuurschool, Bibliotheek Den haag, Kunstuitleen Rotterdam Team Typisch, 


Work together?
Lies is available for freelance work and private commission

Yess let’s get in touch!


Freelance designer, 2018
Temporary designer at Lemniscaat, 2017
Online editor at Jamie magazine NL, 2017
Founding ‘t Huis van Lies:, 2016
Intern Domensino magazine, 2014

Visual Design, St. LUCAS, Gent, 2014-2015
BA Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, 2009 – 2013
Preparation course, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, 2009



Nasty women, group exhibition, de Balie, Amsterdam, November 2019
Keilewerf 5 jaar festival, group exhibition, Rotterdam, September 2019

HE:LEEN KUNSTFESTVAL, group exhibtion, Utrecht, September 2019

Bagels & Beans, Group exhibition, Den Haag, July 2019


EEF Koffie, solo exhibition, Den Haag, July 2018

Atelierroute Benoordenhout, solo exhibition, May 2018

Bibliotheek Den Haag, solo exhibition, March 2018

2011 t/m 2014

In your Living room collaboration with Eric Peter, The Hague, March 2014

Een poging tot nieuwe vriendelijkheid,
group exhibition, The Hague, December 2012

Let it bloom, group exhibition, curator and artist, Amsterdam, June 2012

Analog Life, Baztille group exhibition, Zoetermeer, May 2012

Nevelstaren, kunstlinie group exhibition, Almere, February 2012

Epigonism Rules, Nest Group exhibition, The Hague, October 2011

Utopia NU!, Scheltema group exhibition, Leiden, April 2011

Utopia, kunstlinie group exhibition, Almere, February 2011

A5 Magazine #33 – 2019., Een poging tot nieuwe vriendelijkheid, 21-01-2013., 30 surprising interpretations of Utopia by KABK students. 09-02-2011.

Prizes/ awards

Bagels & Beans Fine Art award 2019
Analog life photo award 2012


The OU Gallery, Vancouver Island, November 2019


Atelier assitant to Sarah Illenberger, October 2019