Huis Van Lies | LAND & SEE
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Land and Sea

I want my combinations to lead to something new Through my collecting, storing, and recycling of the refuse of our affluent society, my collages lead to a re-evaluation of the objects. Everything is real, yet at the same time not. Each object represents itself and at the same time, is turned into a kind of an absurd piece. Simultaneously, we are looking for nothing less than meaning. The metamorphosis of form is both subtle and radical-but only if we affirm the re-evaluation of what has been discarded. I wanted to use familiar objects and play to question the common ideas of the world. What is our relationship with nature in this day and age? Do we even still fit into the same world? How have grown so far apart? I created this portrait of my findings. A series of fine art photos with installations that are man made and objects that are created by natures touch. Can we reconnect? Fine art print, mixed media, 2019 Part of pop up exhibition at The OU gallery